With increase of people who are using the digital space, coding is becoming popular with each passing day. If you decide to pursue coding, you will stand out in the employment world and have a lot of opportunities. Some of the things people can do with coding knowledge include:


Journalism is one of the professions that have been tremendously affected by technology. People are no longer running out to buy printed papers. Instead, they are consuming their news from news websites. That is why it is important for journalists to embrace coding so that they can pore through the heavy pages of data and get exclusive stories that they can package in form of graphics and videos. News agencies have been able to tell compelling stories through use of coding for multimedia journalism.

Composing Music

Musicians have been able to create amazing beats and sounds using coding. There have been musicians such as Sam Aaron who have done live coding engine and created a whole DJ set by live coding music.

Creating websites

The number of people who need websites keeps getting higher. If you have skills in coding, you can create your own website without having to spend money in web developers. Your knowledge of HTML and CSS codes with make the website function.

Selling software

The creation of software is by a series of well thought coding language. If you are a coder, you should explore what you are passionate about and consider creating software around. Companies such as Isle of Man based mircogaming are famous all around the world for their games software. You may need to partner with other coders to come up with a famous software, or you can go about it as an individual.

Making mobile apps

Users are always on the lookout for apps that will make their lives easier. That is why user friendly and effective apps such as whatsapp and facebook lite have been downloaded by millions of people. Of course these apps are created using codes. Mobile apps developers can make a lot of money by creating one app; so it is something you should consider if you want to make money from coding.

Engaging in E-Commerce

The world is becoming a global village and more people are doing their shopping online. This means that the E-commerce space is growing and there are always people seeking for products that the current market cannot fill. For people in the coding field, there is an opportunity to create E-markets or get contracted by the existing companies to help with coding.

Getting involved in activism

If you have the knowledge of coding, you can use it for the good of society. Apps such as Ankommen that was developed in Germany to help refugees find their way around by teaching them language and providing maps that they can use in moving around reinforces the fact that coding can be used to build society. There have also been sites for people to report domestic abuse or for students to access free lessons.

Making video games

Gaming is becoming an interesting part of life for both children and adults. The graphics and software that are used to create the games are developed by people who are skilled in coding. Coders also use their knowledge to improve on existing games.