The misconception out there is that the only job someone can get when they pursue coding is programming. This is far from the truth. There are several careers that you can pursue with your coding knowledge, and most of them can earn you good money if you remain dedicated. Some of the jobs you can get as a coder include the following.

Coding Tutor

There is, at the moment, a large increase in the number of people showing interest. Right from childhood, there are several people who want to learn all there is about coding. If you are an expert, this is an area you can explore. Put your credentials in order and take some courses in education and become a coding tutor if you are confident of your teaching skills.

Web Developer

This is a lucrative field since almost every company and individuals in business are looking for websites. Your coding knowledge will come in handy when you are tasked to write codes that will power the websites. Your job will be to work with web designers to come up with concepts that stand out.

Customer Support

If you are a social being yet you possess the technical knowledge of coding, you can put them together and become a customer support staff, especially for online and software services. People will be calling for troubleshooting, installation and upgrade of products and services. Your skills will come in handy.

Coding Consultant

For people who do not want rigid jobs where they have to report every day, becoming a coding consultant can be a good option. There are several easy to get freelancing gigs as a coder if you expand your horizon both online and offline. You can create your own website and have clients find you if you want a regular stream of customers. As a consultant, you can even have mentors who you teach the job, and they help you with your firm in return for what you are teaching them.

Technical Writer

As the name suggests, technical writers write on technical subjects. If you are a coder, your knowledge comes in handy especially in writing instruction manuals, tutorials, and other information that people might need. As a technical writer who has knowledge of coding, you can break down the complex information so that anyone accessing it can easily understand,

Content Marketer

Content Marketers are expected to come up with strategic ways in which they can strategically create and distribute different types of content so that they can grow the company and earn profits. People who are well versed in coding are always needed as content marketers because companies need people with skills on SEO, CMS (WordPress) Adobe and HTML to format blog posts and other knowledge that relates to coding.

Application Developer

Everything is being taken over by the cool apps that seem to spring up almost every day. These apps definitely make life easier, and if you can develop apps, then you are no doubt an asset. You can be self-employed or work for a firm that is dedicated to app development.

Product Manager

Most technology companies have a product manager who acts as a communication link between the executives and the people who are implementing the project. Knowledge in coding helps the company understand the technological limitations of a project.